Sunday, July 24, 2011

Farewell Philadelphia, hello Sacramento!

After a wildly successful three month run in Philadelphia with "Miss Saigon", Eric will soon be reprising the role of Chris at the Sacramento Music Theater's Music Circus, August 23-28th.

For more information on shows and how to purchase tickets, visit

The "MISS SAIGON" cast will be led by Eric Kunze as Chris, Ma-Anne Dionisio as Kim and Kevin Gray as The Engineer. Kunze performed the role of Chris on Broadway, and was last seen at Music Circus as Che in 2008's production of "Evita." Dionisio has performed the role of Kim internationally, including productions in Britain and Australia, as well as performing as Eponine in the US tour of "Les Miserables." Gray starred in the Broadway revival of "Jesus Christ Superstar" as Pontius Pilate. The production will be directed by Stafford Arima and choreographed by Bob Richard.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bonus with CD Orders

New! CD's ordered from the fansite will be shipped with a 4x6 photo of Eric, personally signed by him! Place your order in the right hand column.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miss Saigon Walnut Street Trip Report and Review

My first Miss Saigon experience was during one of the Broadway tours some years ago.  I don't remember much of the show, except that I wasn't overly impressed.  Now that I've seen three different productions starring Eric Kunze as Chris, I have grown to love the show to the point where it's possibly my favorite musical, superceding my previous favorite of Les Miserables.  I have to believe that is mainly due to Eric playing the role of Chris.  I try not to be partial, because it is Eric, rather I think it is because he adds a humanity to his character that is not usually evident. 

Chris' dilemma of being torn between his wife and Kim is a difficult one to portray without seeming callous.  I'm not the only one who believes Eric portrays that dilemma in such a poignant way that you actually understand what is going on under the surface.  He loved Kim at the time, a love that was heightened by the drama of war and the heartbreaking evacuation in which he was forced to leave her behind.  After a year of loss and regret he allowed himself to love once again.  Distance and time had given perspective to what he thought was love, but now he has to protect what his reality had become.  When he sings "The Confrontation" he opens up for the first time to his wife Ellen.  Eric's interpretation of Chris' breakdown is heartbreaking and real. 

After seeing this production at Walnut Street eight times I feel I can say that it is the best production I have seen to date.  The show moves along so seamlessly there is not a dead moment and my attention never wavered.  I felt the actors were giving 100% at every performance, despite their grueling nine show-a-week schedule, which included rehearsals and promotion.  Sunday night I sat close enough to see tears roll down Melinda Chua's cheek at the death scene. The staging, direction and cast rival and even surpass a Broadway production.  Now that I am home I cannot stop replaying the songs over and over in my mind. 

Here are a few photos of our fanclub gatherings and stage door meetings from last weekend:

I had a chance have dinner with new fans including Suzanne, Sheri, Suzy, Nikki,  Monica and Ingrid and connected with others I met at the theater.
Eric, Maggi, Suzy, Philip Michael Baskerville (John), Nikki, Melinda Chua (Kim)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interview with Eric in the Philadelphia Examiner today!
Kunze has a lot of history with the show. He worked with the Broadway Company.
Kunze said, "it's just a really incredible interpretation of it. The directors let us get gritty and real with these characters. I'm having a great time."