Thursday, May 30, 2013

Opening Night of "Grease" at the Walnut Street Theater

Opening night of "Grease" at the Walnut Street Theater was a triumph of Bruce Lumpkin's directing and choreography by Michelle Gaudette.  It was clear that the cast had honed their roles to perfection after their initial run in Vero Beach.  I noticed a deepening of character development, especially on the part of Laura Giknis (Sandy). 

Eric was as perfect as ever, smarmy as Vince Fontaine, angelic as the Teen Angel.  He has a note at the end of "Beauty School Dropout" that slowly, tantalizingly, slides upward til you think he can't go any more that brings down the house.  The spontaneous applause drowns out the end of the song.  The audiences are loving the show, ticket sales are brisk and the run has already been extended until July 21st. 

Eric and Director Bruce Lumpkin

Maggi, Eric, Anita Riggio (Brindlebeast) and Matt Ragas (Danny

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fanclub Dinner at the Square Peg in Philly

We had fun reconnecting with old friends and making new friends on Eric's second venture in two years in Philadelphia at the Walnut Street Theater.  In total, there were nineteen of us, young and older, excited to see Eric again.  He very graciously dropped by and spent time with us before he went to the theater for the show.  Our souvenir this time was pink sunglasses with Eric's fansite on them.  Can't wait til we can do it again!

The "Pink Ladies" and one Pink Man




Maggi and Eric