Tuesday, February 6, 2024

"Hear Me" Musical in Development

We are excited to announce a workshop for HEAR ME (formerly BRINDLEBEAST), conceived and written by Anita Riggio, with music by Sila Shaman, with a new and exciting creative team: MoMo Holt, director; Karen Dearborn, choreographer; Ian Sanborn, DASL (director of artistic sign language). Eric has been involved in the development of this musical before the first page was written...HEAR ME just might be the most challenging and rewarding role of his career!
HEAR ME is about how we confront the personal demon—beast—that keeps us from loving fully and living authentically. HEAR ME is the love story between a hearing man (Eric) --a notoriously single, graphic novelist, and a Deaf woman (Holly Crowe), who is a single mom, a former dancer, and a teacher. It's about how we build family. It's an exploration of how an artist puts words and pictures on the page to understand their meaning.

How can we help get this musical up and running? By donating to support the upcoming two-week workshop, March 6-18, 2024, at IRT Theater in the West Village, NYC.
Want to watch how the magic is made? Donate $1000 to become "Producer of the Day,” and sit in on ONE FULL DAY OF REHEARSALS (date to be chosen by the “Producer").
PLEASE DONATE: https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/hear-me-musical THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Here's a clip of Eric performing "Thank You,” lyrics by Anita Riggio, music by Sila Shaman.


The Fantastics, Nov.1-19,2023

Congratulations ūüéČ to Eric, cast and crew of The Fantasticks at CVRep playhouse in Palm Desert, CA.

“The character of El Gallo is crucial to the success of any production of The Fantasticks, and Wells made an excellent choice by casting Eric Kunze in the role. Handsome, with wonderful stage presence and a lovely singing voice, Kunze guides us through the story with great skill.”


As El Gallo, Kunze is as charming as they come, leading us by the nose through the farcical premise with a wink and a smile, and stepping in to play the equally-as-charming villain (the most successful villains are) to teach them all a hard-learned life lesson.” 


Tuesday, November 9, 2021

"Here They Go Again: La Mirada's Dancin' Queen of all Musicals" Review

Today's review news is about as comprehensive as you could hope. A great and fun read. If you are not able to see the show, this is it.

"And then there are the men in “Donna’s” life, starting with “Sam Carmichael”, played by Eric Kunze, his “Sam” is what we’d dream that cute boy-next-door or whom we remember from Highschool would look like once he morphs into an active and energetic (if more weathered,) full-grown adult male! Even better, Kunze’s vocal prowess is every bit as dynamic. Indeed, judging from the enthusiastic reaction from opening night’s audience, his second act dazzler, “Knowing Me, Knowing You” is, (succinctly put,) fast, fiery, and fantastic all-around, as was his contribution to the “S.O.S.” duet, opposite Ms. Arcilla. "

Read the full review here!

Friday, September 24, 2021

Mamma Mia at La Mirada Theater

Dear Kunze Fans, It has been a long time between shows, but we are happy to announce we will once again be able to see Eric onstage from October 29th to November 21st at the La Mirada Theater in La Mirada, California. Tickets are selling fast, so don't delay! Vaccinations or negative COViD test & masks required) 

Friday, December 27, 2019

"Before and After, Songs That Shaped our Lives", Cabaret with Eric Kunze and Gina Feliccia

photo credit:  Ivan Prochko

Moonlight Stage Productions, Club M presents:

Two of the first local artists to go to Broadway after starting their careers on The Moonlight stage, Eric Kunze and Gina Feliccia starred in such Broadway shows as Les Mis√©rablesMiss Saigon, and Damn Yankees. They’re coming home to share the songs that shaped their lives in this personal evening of song and storytelling.

Moonlight Theater, January 17th and 18th.  Saturday is sold out. Buy Friday tickets here.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

"NEXT TO NORMAL Packs a Punch!" Review by Pam Harbaugh/ Brevard Culture

"As Diana, Judy McLane has a flawless voice which hits every song’s power and urgency...But it is Eric Kunze and Isabella Stansbury who win our hearts here from the get-go. They turn in winning portrayals of Dan, the father, and Natalie, the daughter. They not only sing beautifully, but they also dig into the souls of their characters and serve up the big emotion often missing from the show’s first act."
Read more here.
Get your tickets before they sell out! 

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mamma Mia at Music Circus in Sacramento August 7 - 12

Broadway at Music Circus presents MAMMA MIA, directed by Nick Corley, starring  Michelle Dawson as Donna Sheridan and Eric Kunze as Sam Carmichael.

More information here.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Review: MAMMA MIA at the Walnut Street Theatre to July 22nd

We had a great turnout for our fanclub meeting in Philly.  It was fun seeing the show together and visiting with Eric there and afterward at the stage door.  My review of the show follows:
"There are different reasons people love to go to the theater. It can be thought provoking, inspiring, sobering. Most of all, especially in today's times, what we need is lighthearted entertainment, taking us from the problems of our daily lives and putting a smile on our face. Walnut Street's production of Mamma Mia fills the bill perfectly. I've seen the show four times and am still happy and engaged each time. The nature of most of ABBA's songs exude energy and joy. They've been on the radio for so many years but after seeing this show I hear the songs completely differently, in the context of the story that was created around their music. In fact, I can't get them off my mind as they pop up in my mind at random moments, weeks later.
Casting of each character was perfect. Greek taverna owner Donna, (Ann Brummel) as Sophie's mother, has a voice perfectly suited to their music. Her powerhouse song, 
"The Winner Takes it All" brings down the house every night. Laura Giknis as daughter Sophie,exhibits youthful enthusiasm and innocence as she mails letters to her three potential fathers, inviting them to her wedding without her mother's knowledge. When the fathers arrive, they are worlds apart from one another in looks and personality. Christopher Sutton is Bill Austin, a macho Aussie world traveler and author and confirmed bachelor with a terrific Australian accent. He fooled me. When I asked him later I found out he actually is from Michigan, not too far from were I live. Jonas Cohen is Harry Bright, a former head-banger rock guitarist turned banker in a three piece suit, who has a secret not revealed until the end of the show. They are the comic relief while Sam Carmichael, (portrayed by an extremely handsome Eric Kunze) is an architect who is still in love with Donna. The way Eric dramatically interprets "Knowing Me, Knowing You" made me hear the song in a whole new light. It was one of the emotional scenes in an otherwise fun, whimsical show, the other being when Sophie and her mother sing the very moving "Slipping Through My Fingers." Twice I attended with friends who had a grown daughters and both women couldn't contain their tears. In fact, I was sitting close enough to see real tears on the face of Laura Giknis.
Hilarity ensues as Sophie tries to keep her secret as to why these men are here from Donna and none of them realize they are Sophie's potentially real father. There were so many scenes that elicited uproarious laughter from the audience, a highlight being a snorkel and flipper dance routine that had people applauding long before it was over. A close second is between Charis Leos (Rosie) and Christopher Sutton (Bill), as she attempts to and is successful in seducing him before the wedding in "Take a Chance on Me". Once again, uproarious laughter from the audience. Finally, Lyn Philistine as the Tanya is amazing as the sexy cougar who has been married and divorce three time and has clearly had extensive plastic surgery. Meeting her after the show, she was unrecognizable young and looked completely different. She is married to Christopher Sutton (Bill) and they often do shows together.
Kudos to the entire cast, including the chorus who sing throughout, the excellent dancers, the directing and production team as well as the musicians, who perfectly recreate the music we have grown to love. Taking a line from the show, 'Thank you for the music!'  "

Eric and Maggi, Fanclub President

Fans sitting front row at the Riverside Theater

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

MAMMA MIA at Broadway at Music Circus, August 7th-12th

Great news for Broadway at Music Circus (Sacramento) season tickets holders!

Eric will be reprising his role there as Sam in MAMMA MIA, August 7-12. The sad news is that this show is sold out. However, tickets may be released from time to time as group tickets are turned in. Beware that tickets are offered by scalpers at up to $2000. These are not offered from the theater. If you want to try for tickets, click on the following link: https://www.broadwaysacramento.com/production/mamma-mia-2018/

Thursday, January 18, 2018

An Evening With Eric Kunze at the Rubicon Theatre

Eric will be performing his cabaret show, An Evening With Eric Kunze, at the Rubicon Theatre (Ventura, CA), February 24th and 25th. This intimate theater is the perfect setting to enjoy Eric's stories and songs from some of his favorite shows.  I'm sure these tickets will sell fast and I'm predicting will sell out, so if you want to go, don't delay!  Tickets available here.  

Monday, October 23, 2017


Eric's five month run in THE LITTLE MERMAID will be concluding in November.  If you are near, don't miss his performance as Prince Eric:

Auditorium Theater, Rochester, NY - October 24-29

Fox Cities Performing Arts Center, Appleton, WI - October 31 - November 5

Creighton Orpheum Theater, Omaha, NE - November 7-12

Sunday, October 8, 2017


Eric is currently performing in SONG AND DANCE OF BROADWAY,  part of the World Musical Concert Series in Tokyo, Japan with several other Broadway stars.  The show is a combination of solos, ensemble harmonies and dance choreographed by Mark Stuart.