Tuesday, February 6, 2024

"Hear Me" Musical in Development

We are excited to announce a workshop for HEAR ME (formerly BRINDLEBEAST), conceived and written by Anita Riggio, with music by Sila Shaman, with a new and exciting creative team: MoMo Holt, director; Karen Dearborn, choreographer; Ian Sanborn, DASL (director of artistic sign language). Eric has been involved in the development of this musical before the first page was written...HEAR ME just might be the most challenging and rewarding role of his career!
HEAR ME is about how we confront the personal demon—beast—that keeps us from loving fully and living authentically. HEAR ME is the love story between a hearing man (Eric) --a notoriously single, graphic novelist, and a Deaf woman (Holly Crowe), who is a single mom, a former dancer, and a teacher. It's about how we build family. It's an exploration of how an artist puts words and pictures on the page to understand their meaning.

How can we help get this musical up and running? By donating to support the upcoming two-week workshop, March 6-18, 2024, at IRT Theater in the West Village, NYC.
Want to watch how the magic is made? Donate $1000 to become "Producer of the Day,” and sit in on ONE FULL DAY OF REHEARSALS (date to be chosen by the “Producer").
PLEASE DONATE: https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/hear-me-musical THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Here's a clip of Eric performing "Thank You,” lyrics by Anita Riggio, music by Sila Shaman.


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