Tuesday, November 9, 2021

"Here They Go Again: La Mirada's Dancin' Queen of all Musicals" Review

Today's review news is about as comprehensive as you could hope. A great and fun read. If you are not able to see the show, this is it.

"And then there are the men in “Donna’s” life, starting with “Sam Carmichael”, played by Eric Kunze, his “Sam” is what we’d dream that cute boy-next-door or whom we remember from Highschool would look like once he morphs into an active and energetic (if more weathered,) full-grown adult male! Even better, Kunze’s vocal prowess is every bit as dynamic. Indeed, judging from the enthusiastic reaction from opening night’s audience, his second act dazzler, “Knowing Me, Knowing You” is, (succinctly put,) fast, fiery, and fantastic all-around, as was his contribution to the “S.O.S.” duet, opposite Ms. Arcilla. "

Read the full review here!

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