Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fanclub Dinner

A lovely time was had by all at our fanclub dinner at the Chase Hotel on Saturday, July 17th before the second to last performance of "Damn Yankees".  Some of had met before and some were new.  Two were from the St. Louis area and others came in from other states: New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota and Iowa.  Everyone agreed their trips were worth it!  Not only were we blessed with Eric's company, but then we got to watch him in this old-fashioned romp.  What a treat!

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diva donna said...

It was a great party with New friends and old friends all coming together to share and spread that adoration around for extremely Talented Eric Kunze. The fact that he's adorable and good looking, doesn't hurt one bit.
A out of the park homerun. Touch-em all Eric Kunze.