Thursday, August 11, 2011

Feedback on Eric's CD

Hi Fans,
I got feedback from someone who purchased Eric's CD and want to share it with you.  The CD is really THAT good, I promise!...Maggi

In playing the CD I am unwrapping a package slowly. First I was stuck on “Maria”. After playing it around 25 times (I have it in the car with me), I’ve been gradually moving onto other songs. The one I am wearing out now is “Why, God, Why”. I woke up this morning with it playing in my head, so I turned on the CD player.  I’ve been reading your fan site and some of the articles in the newspapers. This is really getting a hold of me! When I heard "Gethsemane" I thought, "MOVE OVER, ADAM LAMBERT" when Eric was sort of screaming.  I loved it!!!  (from Annette in Arizona)

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