Friday, July 13, 2012

Eric Answers Your Questions

(From Maggi) Thanks to everyone who submitted questions for Eric recently.  I will begin posting his answers as he gets to them.  Here are the ones we have so far (in the order they were received):

Questions Part I:

What do you do for fun when you are not working on a show?
I go boating and spend time in Palm Springs

Are you planning to do another CD? If so, when can we hope to see it? We are wearing out the last one.
Yes - its in the works!

Will it be a Christmas CD?
No, but maybe in the next year or two

Have you ever wanted to write a musical?
No - not my thing.... maybe if I had an amazing idea.

Out of all your shows, which is your favorite song, and why?
Dont have one!

Do you hear us screaming after you finish a song, or should we scream louder? :-)  Louder is always good. LOL No, I usually dont get to hear what is heard in the audience. But its nice to know you are out there!

I have tried to imagine what it's like to step out on stage and see a few thousand people waiting to hear you speak or sing. Could you describe what that feels like for you? Depends how prepared you are. The more prepared - the more fun and relaxed

When you perform in a small theater and the audience is close, is it hard to keep focused when someone is doing something distracting?
Yes - but its always good to keep us on our toes and concentrate

Questions Part II:

Are you and Gina (Feliccia) planning any more concerts together?
We are planning workshops, but no concerts at this time.

Have you ever considered doing Jekyl and Hyde? I think you'd be really great in the lead of that musical.
I'm not really familiar with it, but it is going on tour in the coming months with McCoy/Rigby productions starring Constantine Maroulis from American Idol. Its should be a great production.

You'd make a fabulous Phantom. Do you hope to do that someday?
Yes - I DO hope to play Phantom some day. Its in my 5 year plan  ;-)

Between shows, do you still vocalize every day at home to keep in practice?
No, i try to rest vocally when Im not working and gear up a few weeks before I have the next show.

How do you feel about fans waiting for you at the stage door after performances?
I think its great - I just feel bad when I cant spend as much time as I would like!

What role that you have not played would you like to play?
Billy in "Carousel" is on my list...

Would you like someone to create an original musical theater role for you and what kind of role would you like it to be? That is in the works - its called "Brindlebeast" and its in the next phase of its development. More to come...

If you were not a performer, would you ever want to do a behind-the-scenes job--such as directing?
I have directed two pieces and it was very enjoyable. I like working with actors on that level as well as the technical aspect of putting together a show.

Where would you love to perform that you have not already been to?
Anywhere in Europe!!

What is your favorite food? Drink?
I have too many favorites - but I love Japanese food

What is the most unique and/or beautiful venue where you have performed?
The St Louis FOX theater is amazing, as well as The Kennedy Center in DC with Miss Saigon when I first joined the tour.

Where is your favorite place in the world?
St Barths Caribbean Island

When did you realize that you wanted to make singing/acting your career? Are you surprised at your success?
My senior year of High School. I'm constantly surprised and grateful to be working.

How do you keep balanced/grounded with all of your fame and success?
Easy - I don't have fame, and I have some success. ;-)

Will you be making more CDs??
(YES!! YES!!! YES!!!!)

What are some of your passions?
Architecture and the art of Real Estate

Do you ever get tired of doing the same show over and over again? How do you keep it fresh each night?
No - the pieces that I get to repeat often are ones that are GREAT pieces and very gratifying to do. I'm lucky that way.

Which role has been the most difficult for you to find access to or to play and why?
That would be "Whistle Down The Wind".  The character of The Man is very tormented, mysterious to the audience, and under extreme circumstances -personally, mentally and physically. (sounds like the "other" Jesus character)  ;-)
He only interacts with one character in the show, and that relationship is very delicate and complex. It was a very challenging, but ultimately rewarding piece on all levels - typical of Andrew Lloyd Weber!

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