Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hartford Memories

This message was sent to me by Susanne from Philly, who attended our fanclub dinner and the Evening with Eric Kunze in Hartford.  Her review of the evening perfectly recaps the night and I am sharing it with you here.  Thanks, Susanne!

"Saturday night (Feb. 23rd) marked another wonderful adventure with Eric. Before the cabaret show in Hartford, I was blessed to have dinner with seven other fan friends who traveled from all over of the country to see Eric perform. Maggi made all the arrangements for us to have a nice block of time sharing a meal together before the show and we were able to meet new friends and catch up with those we knew. We laughed and talked as if we had all been together for years and we swapped stories of the first time we saw Eric perform. As his fans know, once you have heard that voice, you never forget it!...  (read more here.)

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