Monday, May 9, 2011

Eric answers questions about Miss Saigon

Dear Fans,
Eric was asked to participate in a high school project in the Philly area where Broadway actors are asked questions by the students about their careers and the business in general.  They asked Eric, who is starring in Miss Saigon at the Walnut Theater and because they will be attending. This is Eric's response to the questions asked:

I'm glad to be able to participate and hopefully help out with this project!
I first played the part of Chris in Miss Saigon with the Broadway company, and have since played the role in MANY productions across the country. I have never actually counted how many performances... I think that would be very daunting...however, being that the material is SO well written, the challenge of playing the role so many times NEVER gets old or boring in the least. It is both a challenge and a pleasure to sing this music night after night, providing respect for the piece and also the veterans and victims of the Vietnam War.

In my opinion, that point is one that Bruce focuses on with great intensity with his direction. He searches for the truth and drives it home through his directing- letting the audience experience and react to it their own way. I am always learning new things about both myself and this piece when I work with him.

I think its important for the students to realize that the climate of the world today is not too far from when this story takes place. It is still very relevant and holds its own to many generations that will see it.

I hope you and the students enjoy it!
Take care.

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