Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fan Reviews of Do You Hear the People Sing - The Dream Concert

(From Maggi) This is some of the feedback from the series of concerts in Baltimore this weekend.  Thank you ALL for your input!

Susanne:   If I told you that the concert was phenomenal, it would still be an understatement! Where do I even start to tell you about it! The goosebumps started when the orchestra played some selections from Miss Saigon as the overture. Eric came out after Terrence Mann and Jennifer Paz each sang a song.  He looked quite handsome in a black suit and shirt and later in a tuxedo.  I was completely mesmerized when Eric sang, "Bring Him Home". How does he hit those notes so effortlessly? I was so taken with the power of his voice. I kept thinking that it's Broadway's loss if they don't sign him for Phantom.  Many times during the night I had to catch my breath when I heard his ability to push that wonderful voice to the limit! He just keeps getting better and better.

Jeannine: I really enjoyed this show.. The conductor, chorus, and orchestra did a phenomenal job, as did Eric, Terrence, Jennifer, Kathy and Marie. The show opened with one of my all time favorite songs, Bui Doi, from Miss Saigon…Terrence Mann and the choir were beautifully powerful. “Last Night of the World” sung by Eric and Jennifer was just amazing…They showed such a high level of chemistry and comfort with each other, obviously a result of their working together as Kim and Chris through the years, that I was drawn into the storyline wholeheartedly. The audience was told that there would be a concert version of Miss Saigon in 2013, something I would love to see! Kathy debuted a new song called “Maybe” that helps the audience understand some of the angst her character, Ellen, goes through. She did an excellent job with this song. Jennifer also did a great job with "Too much for one heart." It would have been nice to have it stay in the final version of Miss Saigon. Not being familiar with Martin Guerre, I was interested in hearing Eric sing “Martin Guerre.” As always, his clear diction and pronounciation, helped to draw me into the story he and Marie were telling. I also enjoyed Marie, singing in both French and English during “In My Life..” So beautiful… One of 2 highlights for me was being able to hear/see Eric sing the role of “Marius” during this concert, especially as I had never had the opportunity to see him as Marius on Broadway (his first role there J) “Master of the House” was a fun number, as always, and Kathy and Terrence did a great job with it. As I had seen Terrence Mann on Bway, in Les Mis, as Javert, it was a treat to hear him sing “Stars” again.. such a tragic song. The piece de resistance for me was hearing Eric’s version of “Bring Him Home.” He always acts through his songs, in my opinion, vs. just singing a song to get to the end, which definitely draws me into the story and engages me in whatever song he is singing, especially beautiful and well done, with this song. I wish I could hear it again and again—so, so, so expressive.. brought me to tears. I really loved that Alain Boublil performed at the end, with the ensemble.. This was a top notch production that had me wishing for more!

Anita: (Brindlebeast) from last night: "Do You Hear the People Sing" concert with the Baltimore Symphony last night. Eric Kunze sang the iconic prayer "Bring Him Home" from Les Mis to thunderous applause , bravo-- and a handshake from the conductor. Brought me to tears...

Riki: "Hi! Finally home, and let me tell you- that concert made every minute of the last couple crazy days worth it!!! There aren't words to tell you how awesome it was- all the rumblings you have heard are true and more! The whole cast is immensely talented! There were several songs that I had never heard before; that was a treat. Eric gets more talented every time I hear him! He sang a couple of standard faves, but for me the highlights of the night were Martin Guerre - it made one want to jump up, throw your fist in the air and cheer with him! The wedding song from The Pirate Queen made me cry, it was so sweet and poignant! Wow, just wow..... I can honestly say, that out of all the things I've seen yet- this was by far the best!!!! Wish I could see it again!
He did a couple duets with Marie Zamora that were new to me and absolutely beautiful. Have I said wow enough yet? I am still blown away and it has been almost 24 hours!

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