Thursday, April 19, 2012

Talent Shines in Pops Tribute

Even if there was an error in this article, I am putting a link here for you to read. It was Eric, not Peter Lockyer, on stage that night. Don't miss the remaining concerts in this wonderful series! See post below for details and ticket information.

"Do You Hear the People Sing" featured an exceptionally strong roster of vocalists, all of whom projected their words with the utmost clarity. (Jennifer) Paz sang "Last Night of the World" with tenor Peter Lockyer, [from Maggi: this is SUPPOSED TO READ "ERIC KUNZE", not Peter Lockyer] a colleague she'd met in the first touring company of "Miss Saigon." He was a persuasive romantic leading man, yet also had the steel for the song "Martin Guerre."

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maggiwun said...

It turns out the programs for the Pittsburg and Baltimore concerts were printed before Eric was hired. Couldn't they at least print a correction slip of paper for the program like they do at Broadway shows when there is a substitution?

Barb K. said...

Just write the guy who wrote the article. I did! There's a link to his email on the left of the article!

Maggi said...

Yep, Barb I did write him. But as I mentioned above, I see it wasn't really his fault, as Peter Lockyear was listed in the program instead of Eric.