Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fan Mail

An interesting comment was left on the fansite today:

I am a specialist in voice care (Vocologist), and a Professor in Speech Pathology. During this week I am visiting Philadelphia as I am attending the 40th Annual Symposium of The Voice Foundation. Today I saw the Miss Saigon show at Walnut Street Theatre. I was seriously impressed with Eric Kunze's voice. Beautiful! He has a new fan.

And this comment was sent to me via email:
Dear Maggi,
I found your fansite for Eric as I was checking out the info for Miss Saigon at the WST [Walnut Street Theater]. What a great way to let people know about the talented Mr. Kunze!
Miss Saigon is my favorite Broadway show and I have seen it at least ten times in many different states. I was lucky enough to see Lea Solanga in it when she returned to Broadway but unlucky in Dublin, Ireland when the show was canceled due to mechanical troubles, if you can believe that! As every theater lover knows, each time the curtain goes up it's a different show and atmosphere each time. When I saw it on May 25th, I was totally blown away by the entire production! It was the most emotional and excellent production I have ever seen!!!

Whenever I see Miss Saigon, I always fall in love with Chris during the first act but really change my mind when he pretty much kicks Kim to the curb in the bedroom scene with John and Ellen. It always bothers me that he decides to leave Kim and Tam to fend for themselves. Each performer I've seen portray Chris has always been good but not memorable in any emotional way. Eric's acting talents really came across and I finally believed that it was heartwrenching and horrible for him to decide what to do. I still loved him by the time the curtain came down! The entire cast was so believable that I felt like I was watching it for the first time. It broke my heart and I quickly tried to get rid of the tears when the lights came on so people didn't think I was a basket case!

I purchased Eric's CD before I saw the show and his voice was phenomenal in person. While I sat in the audience at intermission, I thought about the difficult role Eric has playing Chris and wondered if he ever looks out at the audience and imagines if any of the men sitting there has left a child behind in Vietnam. It makes me sad to think that and I can't even watch the film they show when John sings Bui-Doi.

Thanks for the great website about Eric and I look forward to following his career and seeing him on stage again. Will you be doing any more special fan club events before the show ends in July? How do I join the fanclub?
          Sincerely, Susie M.

I replied to Susie that the next fanclub dinner will be held Friday, July 15th at 5:00 p.m. at Marathon Grill, just 1-1/2 blocks from the theater.  All are welcome to attend, just email me at to rsvp.  Anyone wishing to be on our mailing list to be notified of Eric news should email me as well.  Thanks Susie!  I'm sure Eric and the cast will be blessed to read your kind remarks.

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