Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fans, Fans, Fans

In the space of 24 hours, two people have ordered Eric's CD from the fansite and three have left rave comments about Eric:

My name is Jennifer. I went last night to see Miss Saigon for the second time at the WST. I first saw it on Broadway. When I heard Eric's voice last night, I was mesmerized! He and the entire cast at the WST did a wonderful job! The emotion and sincerity on how they portrayed their roles was amazing! Also, Eric is very easy on the eyes! :) In short, please pass along to Eric and the entire cast of the WST that I really enjoyed the show. As someone who does not have any musical talent what so ever-I truly enjoy watching good theatre. Thank you! Eric- I have become a fan!
Jennifer, South Jersey"

Dear Maggi,
I was excited to order the CD. Can't wait to get it...What is interesting to me is that Eric's performance really moved me. I have seen a lot of shows. This was the first time that I felt mesmerized, emotionally engaged. It was weird that in a matter of few days I went from "it'd be interesting to see the same chris" to "I need to hear him sing". This is the first time I have contacted any fan club of any sort. I guess I am a fan.

From Michele:
We went to see the show in Philly and loved the entire cast. Eric's voice is the best I have heard in the role of Chris, and we've seen the show several times. I am anxious to listen to the CD.

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