Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review of Miss Saigon in STAGE, by Patricia Bradford

As one would expect in a musical production of this caliber, all the voices in the cast are excellent; but it is the quality of the acting that sets the WST production apart from others. The chemistry between the American GI, Chris (Eric Kunze) and the young Vietnamese girl, Kim (Melinda Chua) is palpable in the duet, “Sun and Moon”, aided in part by the tender staging, deftly handled by veteran director, Bruce Lumpkin. This team has worked together before, so perhaps that accounts for the level of intimacy achieved in the lovers’ early scenes. Whatever the reason, the result is beautiful to behold. Chua makes a fine Kim, fragile and sweet of voice, but with the core of strength the role demands. Kunze’s vocals are masterful and his portrayal of Chris completely truthful.

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